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Bob Molling

With a passion for nature and its processes, I adore working outdoors. Vines and wines allow me to express myself, my way of being, thinking and acting. I would describe myself as both chaotic and disciplined, trying to counterbalance impulsive ideas with careful, patient consideration.

True to the idea of growing wines (not making them), I tend to take care of each grapevine individually. My awe and close observation of nature are key to producing authentic, dry wines with genuine character.

So authentic

Molling Wines are authentic, dry wines. They do not follow a stereotype or pattern, do not pretend to be other than what they are and render true expression to the work from the vineyard to the bottle. Except for the natural cold in winter, the wines do not undergo any tartaric stabilisation and may contain crystals.

Character, terroir and vintage

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.

Galileo Galilei

Molling experiences

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