While working a harvest in South Africa in March 2019, the decision matured on me to produce my own wine. Inspiring exchanges during my travels, a network of supportive people, and last, not least, the over 40-year-old vines, planted back in the day by my grandparents, eventually convinced me. Out of the initial production cycle, my first wine “Roots” was born.

The vines we are working form part of the wine-growing region surrounding Remerschen. Since I do not own a cellar, I was given the opportunity to launch my production in Niederdonven.

Our amazement at the first harvest undergoing its fermentation process in the cellar got us truly started on our journey. As early as the winter of 2019/2020, I acquired new leases on more vineyards.


It is my belief that we need to act responsibly to preserve the natural environment we have inherited, so that we can continue to share this planet, all the while drawing the lessons from past mistakes.

We believe in manual labour as the connection between us humans, the vines and ultimately the fruit we aim to harvest. In our vineyards, we pay attention to the natural conditions and put in the necessary handwork when needed. We refrain from the use of any herbicides or chemical fertilisers. Putting in the time required for selecting and picking the grapes at the right moment, entirely by hand, ensures only the best fruit makes it into the cellar. All members of the team contribute to the successful implementation of this philosophy by sharing and supporting these ideas.

Right from the outset of any production, the aim is to preserve the quality harvested. We process the fruit gently, employ different techniques or a combination of them to enhance the grapes’ character and add a personal touch. We aim to intervene as little as possible on the wines not to curtail them in expressing their true potential. The time needed is the time given.

Family history

You could say that my passion for the trade runs in the family. I am in a way retracing the steps of my grandparents, who have been grape producers, both on the maternal and paternal side. I vividly remember those times spent sitting on the tractor, next to grandpa, delivering grapes to the cooperative’s winery. Likewise, I recall their dedication, tending to every single vine over the seasons – a concept which impresses me to this day. Autumn, then, has always been that special time of year, when the team pulls together for the harvest, goal-oriented and in a near perfect, convivial atmosphere.


Supportive, loving, caring. Without Danièle & Gast, the grape harvest and undoubtedly further steps in the production process would not have been possible thus far.


A man is only as strong as the woman who holds him
Beverly Jenkins

Not just that, Esther took charge of turning my signature into a logo with which to “sign” our bottles. An artist at heart, she not only takes care of designs and labels but is equally gifted in tending the grapevines through a lot of handwork.


“The” picking team. A group of energetic, generous and dedicated people. Not everyone is included in the picture – as the team varies daily, depending on everyone’s schedule. Who they are? Friends of ours, friends of the family, friends of friends who in turn have become our friends.

I will never be able to thank everyone of them enough for being so totally committed.

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